Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, Montreal Canadiens goalie Peter Budaj LOVES Ned Flanders!

As a hockey playing kid growing up 10 minutes north of Boston, I was naturally a huge Bruins fan. I even had a poster of Seabass Neely, Adam Oates and Ray Bourque on my wall right next to my Lil Penny decal (with apologies to Slam Dunk Champion Dee Brown and three point hero Dana Barros, these were dark times for my beloved Celitcs). However with several lockouts and as the league expanded more and more (oh, ok there’s a team in Columbus now?) I slowly stopped watching the NHL. With that being said in many ways I’m a dull, simple minded individual, and all it would take to bring me back fervently would be to ohhh I don’t know toss a classic Simpsons character on the goalie’s helmet. Ironically, the despised rivals of the Bruins currently have a goalie who did just that!

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