My Reaction to the Reaction of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death


Ever since the shocking news that Philip Seymour Hoffman had been found dead in the bathroom of his apartment of a heroin overdose, I’ve seen many fans of the legendary actor (myself included) react with great sadness over the fact that such a rare talent was now suddenly taken away forever. Conversely, as the nature of the story has developed and as a result has attracted more media attention, I’ve also witnessed many others reply that the death of this “coward junkie” should be water under the bridge and that our attention should really be focused on more deserving people, such as  the men and women who have died in the armed service of their country overseas. Unfortunately, the nature of the media in this country is, and has been for a very long time, driven by stories about celebrities and sensationalism in general. While I agree that it’s very sad that the deaths of the majority of those in the armed forces go by largely unnoticed, in my opinion that shouldn’t diminish the tragedy of losing a transcendent talent, and even more importantly father of three young children, to what turned out to be a long battle with substance abuse. Many of us have experienced friends and family members, people we love, sucked into the vicious cycle of addiction. Often these people battle these addictions day in and day out and many times the addiction wins and the person can no longer fight the battle. My point is that anytime a person’s life is taken far too soon it is a very tragic affair. The memory of somebody such as Hoffman shouldn’t be punished because of his fame nor because of the nature of his passing.

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