Stand Your Ground Now, Bitch!

With all due respect to certified crackhead DMX (why are you hollerin?), I’m thinking that if they’re going to go through with this whole “Celebrity Boxing” stunt (because in America, if you kill an unarmed teenager you are now a celebrity WON’TSOMEBODYPLEASETHINKOFTHECHILDREN) then they should go with somebody that is guaranteed to knock his ass out. I mean knocked out like Pacquiao knocked Ricky Hatton’s ass out.


DMX may have been that dog to turn Zimmerman into his personal fire hydrant about hmmm 15 years ago? But after countless felonies (Impersonating a Police Officer? Really?! YOU’RE NOT A POLICE OFFICER YOU’RE DMX!) and stints in rehab I’m not so sure he’s the man to knock Mr. Trigger Happy Racist Asshole out properly. He’s more likely to show up with doo doo on his face. I’m thinking more along the lines of someone like Dr. Dre to get the job done…

2 dre jacked

His schedule should be free, it’s not like he’s working on Detox or anything! They must have forgot about Dre.

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