Good Guy Mamba


I have to give props to Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant for his classy decision to sit out the upcoming All-Star Game in New Orleans after being voted as a starter for the Western Conference squad by the fans. Hampered by injuries all season, Kobe has only been able to play in a handful of games and I applaud his decision to give up his spot for somebody more deserving (especially in an extremely crowded Western Conference pool). That player ultimately ended up being rising star (and sole NOLA representative) Anthony Davis, beating out other talented youngsters such as Goran Dragic and DeMarcus Cousins. The Black Mamba gave up his spot to The Unibrow who beat out Boogie and the Dragon. Luckily for Davis, the decision was based on his play and not the badassery of his nickname. Also, long live that Kobe photoshoot.  The news could have been that the Mamba cured cancer and I would still use a photo that makes him look like a stern pilgrim playing pocket pool and/or overgrown E.T. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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