Game of Thrones Season 4: Fire and Ice Show Observations (Light Book and Show SPOILERS)

Last night on HBO before “True Detective” (which is the best thing on TV right now and HOLY SHIT THAT LAST 15 MINUTES WAS SO TENSE IT NEARLY GAVE ME A SEIZURE) was a 15 minute “Game of Thrones” Season 4 preview/behind the scenes look into the show. Here are some stray observations that I took:

-Season 3 was the first half of the third book, a “A Storm of Swords” and as several of the cast members mention in the video, Season 4 will not be building to one climax at Episode 9 like in previous years (Ned’s execution, The Battle of Blackwater, The Red Wedding). Instead, there are several enormously awesome things to come as the second half of that book is pretty much the most entertaining thing I’ve ever read and is pretty much nonstop action and huge story altering events. This season promises to be awesome. Also, it looks like they nailed the casting of Oberyn Martell, one of the most badass characters from the novel.

-One of those events, The Royal Wedding, looks amazing. The event will take up  nearly half of an episode and along with a few other events (Oberyn Martell battling The Mountain, the battle at The Wall, etc.) promises to be as epic on screen as it was in the novel.

-Speaking of things that look epic, HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THE SIZE  OF THAT DRAGON?

It looks like the show’s immense gain in popularity may have added to the CGI budget as that thing looks fucking terrifying (AND ITS STILL NOT EVEN FULLY GROWN ALTHOUGH GEORGE RR MARTIN WILL PROBABLY KILL THEM BEFORE THEY REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL BECAUSE HE IS AN EVIL TROLL MAN )

-Other random thoughts: Jaime and Tyrion dancing down the steps is hysterical. The two promise to have many scenes together this year which is awesome because the characters and the actors have amazing chemistry. Jaime is really the only Lannister who has a good relationship with Tyrion and its clear that both characters have changed drastically since the last time they saw one another way back in Season 1. Also it looks like Bronn will be taking the place of Ilyn Payne as Wilko Johnson has sadly been battling cancer and unable to reprise his role. On the bright side, more Bronn is always a good thing (especially to Kit Harrington who is obsessed with him).

-Mereen looks awesome and the “Irone Throne Room Across the Narrow Sea” truly looks remarkable. These actors and actresses seem legitimately awe inspired to get to work in some of the most exotic locations in the world. That being said, Dany took somewhat of  backseat in the book during this period and I hope the show is able to integrate her storyline with the main action as seamlessly as possible. Same goes for the Theon/Reek and Ramsey story which is pretty much already caught up with where they are in the novels. It will be interesting to see how they handle this moving forward.

-The sight of Arya water dancing with Needle (and later mocking the way Joffrey slouches on the Iron Throne amongst other things) makes me giddy with glee. Every time I see Maisie Williams outside of her character I’m reminded of how awesome she is. I still can’t believe GoT is not only her first role as an actress but was her first AUDITION FOR ANYTHING. That’s insane. If GRRM ever kills Arya I will personally go to his house and be the Ramsey Bolton to his Reek (it rhymes with Geek!). I can snap those fat man suspenders of his pretty hard…


-Hodor, of course, has the most badass quote of anybody.

-Gwendoline Christie (the actress who plays Brienne) has one of the most disturbingly endearing laughs I’ve ever heard. It may have crossed the line into creepy when she talks about how she gets to chomp somebody’s ear off and spit it in their face this year.

-Puberty has hit Bran like a sack of bricks. It has to be in the back of the show runner’s minds that these kids aren’t going to stay the same forever, and the clock is ticking to catch up to where GRRM is in the novels. Sansa being 7 feet tall is another example of this. Hopefully Rickon won’t be shaving by the time the Dany is riding Drogon into King’s Landing.

-The Red Wedding even made The Hound cry!

-8 weeks until the premiere on April 6th. This season is going to be the best yet and I cannot wait.

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