How True Detective Pulled Off that Incredible Ending Sequence Last Night (EP 4 Spoilers)

For those of you who, like me, have been absolutely engrossed in the first four episodes of the fantastic  HBO mini-series “True Detective”, you were probably on the edge of your seat during the incredible concluding scene last night in which Matthew McCoughaghey’s Rusty Cohle got his Omar Little on and robbed a stash house (COHLE COMIN’). You also were probably wondering just how in the hell that director Cary Fukunaga was able to capture one of the most tense and aesthetically stunning scenes ever seen on the small screen. Even for a show that has displayed beautiful direction throughout, that closing six-minute long take that follows Cohle and his psycho meth-head biker gang “buddies” into a stash house, outside, into a neighboring house, hiding behind a bush GTA style, over a fence and finally into his detective partner Marty Hart’s (Woody Harrelson) car, all while cops and gang bangers alike chaotically swarm, with his target intact was simply awe-inspiring. My palms were actually sweaty just watching this playout and as soon as it ended I rewound and watched the whole thing again. What makes it even crazier is that we as the audience KNOW that Cohle will survive this since it’s taking place in the past, and yet it is able to reach such a incredibly high level of tension. It might sound presumptuous to declare something that’s only four episode’s in one of the best things to ever air on television, but Harrelson and McCoughnaghey’s performances in addition to direction like we saw on display last night make put it on par with anything I’ve ever seen on TV. Just give it all the Emmy’s now and get it over with.

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