Michael Sam


As we have all heard by now, Michael Sam is gay.  Which  A.) I couldn’t be happier for him in the sense he finally gets to live his life completely out in the open and B.) I dont have to hear about Richard fucking Sherman although I’m sure he’ll have something to say about the subject.

Most of the reactions via social media outlets have been on the positive swing of things with a range of current athletes to retired ones  singing his praises which is a great sign that we are in fact FINALLY ready to have an openly gay player in the NFL.  Even one from Richie Incognito which I found oddly creepy considering that whole debacle with Jonathan Martin.  If he does end up getting drafted, it will probably be way later on in the draft, than originally anticipated pre-coming out because well according to Yahoo! Sports “The problem is that while Sam is a good prospect, he’s not a great one, and he was already sliding down many teams’ draft boards due to the dreaded ‘tweener label – he struggled to make the conversion to 3-4 outside linebacker at the Senior Bowl last month, showing limited flexibility and fluidity that could limit him to working as a 4-3 end, where his lack of ideal size will be an issue.” People are already making excuses and that his size isn’t exactly up to speed with the other DL in the league in anticipation of him being cut.  However, on paper 6 foot 3 inches tall and 255 lbs doesn’t exactly seem fucking tiny to me.  He might have to change his position up a bit but I dont see why this man cannot play football in the NFL.  Funny that this article is coming out AFTER him telling the world he was openly gay.  Had he come out in college would he of even been named SEC DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR?  Which for the record his coming out would have been told eventually as his teammates at Missouri all knew anyway. ( P.S. FUCK YOU YAHOO SPORTS).

The bullshit excuse of its a distraction is just that…..bullshit.   I bet half of you have gay men and women in your workplace and you dont see them trying to hump you in between coffee breaks.  I have 100s of men that work with me and I dont screw them all just because they are male and I just so happen to like males! The other bullshit excuse of its baggage is just that….bullshit.  You have little shits like Aaron Hernandez who run around engaging in CRIMINAL behavior during college, dragging all that baggage into a team and now his ass is sitting in prison awaiting multiple counts of murder.  GREAT CHOICE NEW ENGLAND.

I really wish that people of the LBGT community could transition into life and not have to be better than us  straight folks to prove that they are worthy.  For various reasons, one of them being that every single time someone of stature comes out LBGT, we have to hear the “I’m not a bigot but I am a bigot” say “IM STRAIGHT I DONT HEAR ANYONE TALKING ABOUT ME, WHO CARES”.   Well asshat that is true, who SHOULD care? IDGAF if youre fucking purple and happen to like men dressed up as batman during off field shenanigans. As long as you can play football it doesn’t matter to me. Personally I think that if Manti Te’o can be in love with an imaginary girl and all that shit can go quietly into the night then I think Michael Sam can love men.

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