Song of the Day 2/11/14

Danny Brown – 30

I chose this track specifically because it was the song that made Danny one of my absolute favorite rappers. As much as I love the “goofy” and hilarious songs and features that he’s become famous for, in my opinion tracks like “30” and the first, introspective side of Old are when Danny is truly at his best (you can feel the emotion in his voice when he’s damn near crying at the end). Danny is also one of the most original dudes in any genre of music. In every interview I’ve ever seen him in he comes across as an  funny, intelligent, down to earth, immensely likable guy, and I think that makes people root for him to succeed even more (especially given the fact that he made it through extremely tough struggles growing up in Detroit with his sense of humor in tact). Danny had a pretty significant meltdown on Twitter yesterday, saying amongst other things that people wouldn’t care if he OD’ed and died because they only see him as that “goofy”, Ol Dirty Bastard type dude and nothing more. Anyone who’s listened to his music knows that he’s dealt with anxiety and depression by turning to drugs which in the long run of course is not the healthy way to conquer those demons. I know firsthand how difficult this can be and how alone anxiety and depression can make you feel. But I think I share the sentiments of thousands of fans (From Juggalos to the snootiest Pitchfork reader! Who else can say that?) when I say that I hope he gets the help he needs so he can keep making music, and interviews that we love for a long time.

Hilarious Danny Interview:

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