Drake Thinks Wack Rapper Does Wack Things



After Kendrick Lamar inexplicably went home completely empty handed from the Grammys (as well as making everyone from Steven Tyler to Taylor Swift gig out with his fucking awesome performance with Imagine Dragons), old man clothing afficiando and possibly homosexual gay third grade whack rapper Macklemore (who cleaned up) sent a text to Kendrick apologizing and saying that he got robbed adding that he planned on saying such at the podium but did not have time to. Now as much as a dislike Macklemore as a musician, by all accounts he’s a pretty cool guy and a hip-hop head which I think makes it a classy gesture on his part to admit that Kendrick’s album “Good Kid m.A.A.d. City” deserved the accolades that the academy instead heaped onto his own record, “The Heist”. Today comes the news that fellow rapper/singer Drake called Macklemore’s actions “wack as fuck”. This embodies every problem that I have with Drake. For a half Jewish suburban Canadian that got his start on Nickelodeon and who literally has more memes than outside of President Obama (and perhaps Bad Luck Brian) he has NO self awareness whatsoever. He did not “start at the bottom” (rather, that distinction goes to rappers who grew up without a pot to piss in like Eminem and Ghostface Killah) and he should NEVER be shooting videos wearing ski masks and brandishing guns. It’s stuff like this that makes me think he’s going through Justin Bieber syndrome of feeling like your Mike Tyson because he’s surrounded by bodyguards and yes men that don’t want to be kicked out of the entourage for telling him the truth. The sad thing is that Drake is actually quite good when he plays to his strengths which are rapping/singing catchy songs and hooks that deal with emotional issues. But, and this is just my opinion now, when he tries to act all tough without a even a semblance of self-awareness he loses any and all credibility and deserves all the ridicule that he gets.

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