Oh word? You got Seasonal Affective Disorder too?

Ever since the great snow storm of 2014 in Atlanta where children were holed up in schools for days, and the entire state of Georgia practically shut down, they’ve become experts of sorts in wintry weather.  Another storm set in, and swept  “from Texas to the Carolinas and the South’s business hub in Atlanta, roads were slick with ice, thousands were without power, and a wintry mix fell in many areas Wednesday” (technically its Thursday according to WordPress but I digress).

CBS affiliates and the Associated Press in Atlanta decided to approach the subject of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder to their website due alarming increases in depression and anxiety related issues due to the weather.  As most of you folks in New England, Midwest and Canada can sympathize the months between October-March are absolute fucking torture.  Below frigid temperatures, ice storms, snow storms, nor’easters, blizzards must I go on?  Lets just say that the reception in Atlanta to the idea that SAD even exists was not a warm one.  (See what I did there?)


Now, before I go any further I am assuming that all the people that live there are of sound mind and body.  But it seems to me that all these people have already fallen off the warm weather wagon into the SAD wagon.  I’d even go as far to say that they are a tad delirious in assuming this is a government scheme or a conspiracy with big pharma.  IMAGINE YOUR WORST TWO POPSCICLE FROZEN DAYS INTO 180 MIND NUMBING FUCKING DAYS OF COLD AND SNOW.   Depression is a bitch my fellow Georgia Peaches.  So Fleendar the magnificent hunker down with your prized shotgun and enjoy the fucking snow.


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