Yesterday I wrote about how Rap Game Todd Flanders Drake was upset about the fact that Macklemore apologized to Kendrick Lamar for the fact that he won several Grammys that he felt should have gone to a more deserving Kendrick. Being an expert on whackness himself, he was in a unique position to weigh in on the whack actions of a whack rapper (like Josh Smith giving three point shooting pointers to Kendrick Perkins) Well apparently Drake is still cranky as his temper tantrum continued today. He’s now reportedly is upset that Rolling Stone pulled his cover piece in favor of the recently deceased legendary actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. This is understandable from Drake’s point of view as he put out a mediocre album several months ago and will probably release another mediocre album several months from now where he can get all the magazine covers his little heart desires, while all Hoffman’s did in his lifetime (which tragically ended way before his time, robbing the world of his immense talents) was build an IMDB page that reads like an essential films of the past two decades list. It’s just, like, my opinion man, but…HE MAD.


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