Swedish Skier Brings da Ruckus to Sochi

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Sweden is, of course, dreadlocked fanboys of the Wu Tang Clan. So, way to fit the stereotype Henrik “the Chef” Harlaut! In his post run interview, Harlaut flashed the Wu “W” sign and went on to quote ODB’s famous “Wu-Tang is for the children!” to an undoubtedly puzzled interviewer. With apologies to lifetime Boston Bruin and perfect human being Patrice Bergeron, this 6 second clip has instantly made Harlaut my favorite non-American Olympic athlete in Sochi (11 years of loyal service and classy behavior has nothing on MAKIN EM JUMP LIKE ROD STRICKLAND). So until Zdeno Chara hops out of his tiny bed that infamous pinko Bob Costas couldn’t even fit in and screams that he AINT NUTTIN’ TA FUCK WIT loud enough that Putin’s hired KGB goons are shook, I’m rolling with this filthy sensation.


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