T.J. Oshie crushes Russians in shootout

Olympics: Ice Hockey-Men's Prelim Round-USA vs RUS

OK… this is no 1980s Lake Placid, NY Winter Olympics, but beating the Russians at hockey is still extremely exciting (after all those were simpler times before we knew of things like drones and the NSA).  There was no Herb Brooks to give an astounding speech before hand.  Who knows, maybe Kurt Russell made an appearance a la MIRACLE ON ICE!?

Im not here to give a play by play because that’d take forever, but lets get down to the important part: the end of the game.  It seemed as if the Russians were going to win in regulation versus an intense shootout.  With only 4:40 left in the 3rd period, Russian Fedor Tyutin sailed a shot over the shoulder of  Jonathan Quick. But Quick had previously knocked the left post off while sliding out to make a save.  The post was quite visibly bent, however the net was still connected to it. After officials reviewed, they then made the decision to waive off what would be Tyutin’s  tie-breaking goal. Completely enraging a rink filled full of angry Russians, who are now subsequently beating the shit out of each other after a vodka induced sorrow.

The goal was waived off due to this rule:  IIHF Rule 471A, Section 5 states in regards to disallowing a goal: “If the goal net has been displaced from its normal position, or the frame of the goal net is not completely flat on the ice.”  We’ll take it.   BRING ON THE SHOOTOUT!

T.J. Oshie opened the shootout with a goal scored between Bobrovsky’s legs.  (Who is now probably being dragged out into the streets and fed to the stray dogs, oh wait….they were all killed off! Is there anything that Putin DOESNT hate?) After each team rolled through their top three shooters, Oshie became the dominant choice for the Americans, while the Russians leaned heavily on veterans Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk (who had already scored twice earlier in the game).  Afterwards Oshie missed high, scored again, scored off the crossbar with Bobrovsky missing, and then ended the game through Bobrovsky’s legs (You’d think he learned the FIRST TIME).  Once again the Russians were left on the ice looking at each other in utter disbelief.  Call it the Justin Bieber schadenfreude syndrome but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the hope drain from their little eyes.


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