My Favorite Moment in NBA All-Star Game History


After last night’s, ahem, unpleasantness, I thought it might be a good idea to a take a trip down memory lane to a glorious time known as “the early 200os” when team’s wore their own uniforms (without friggin SLEEVES) and things made sense. Specifically to the 2002 NBA All-Star Game when one of my all time favorite players Tracy McGrady pulled off one of the most remarkable dunks I’ve ever seen in game action (and even made Shaq hold onto AFRO-KOBE in disbelief):

Hopefully this low quality .gif does it justice (the only video on YouTube is in 144p, which apparently is a thing), because dude came down the lane, in traffic, alley-ooped it off the backboard with this left hand and finished with a reverse right. The official NBA “Top Ten Dunks in NBA History” does have some classics (Barkley over Mutombo, Garnett over Allen, Jordan finishing Grant Hill’s free throw miss) but I chose not to post it as it inexplicably omitted this gem and also had LeBron at #1 (over Dr. J AND Jordan, CHILD PLEASE). Hopefully tonight’s All-Star Game can give us something memorable like this T-Mac play to erase the memory of last night’s debacle, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind style.

This video has full highlights of McGrady’s performance in the 2002 ASG and this play can be viewed from 00:40 – 1:04, with Bill Walton guffawing included.

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