Basketball King Gets Served By Basketball God


As most of you probably know by now, last week LeBron “King Joffrey” James’ (the people love their king!) made some controversial remarks that his “NBA Mt. Rushmore” consists of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson, while adding that he could eventually see himself carving a place for himself amongst these all-time greats. Now these type of hypothetical debates based purely on personal opinion are the sort of stuff that makes for great drunken arguments between friends (some may argue for Chamberlain or Kareem to replace Robertson for example) and 7,000 word Grantland articles.

However when analyst Craig Sager brought the matter up during an interview with NBA legend Bill Russell, the whole thing was put into proper perspective:

“Hey, thank you for leaving me off your Mount Rushmore. I’m glad you did. Basketball is a team game. It’s not for individual honors. I won back-to-back state championships in high school, back-to-back NCAA championships in college, I won an NBA championship my first year in the league, an NBA championship my last year, and nine in between. And that, Mr. James, is etched in stone.”

OUCH. What’s a “King” to a God, Mr. James? Regardless of how you feel about the veracity of LeBron’s bold claim, I think all of us NBA junkies can agree that being dissed by one of the classiest legends alive isn’t a very good look. Russell’s Celtics are certainly “etched” on the Team Mt. Rushmore (they’re the God damn George Washington), but the Heatles have a way to go (six more to match LeBron’s famous predictions if his famous prediction is to become reality. Maybe he should cool it on the predictions, huh?) Anyway, If Hall of Famers keep serving him like this he’ll have a spot on a different Mt. Rushmore. The Mt. Rushmore of Clowns! Bozo and Krusty are locks but MAYBE he could replace one of the members of the Insane Clown Posse (JUGGALOS 4 LYFE, BITCH!)


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