Elton John, Kanye West Headline Bonnaroo Lineup


The lineup for this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival has just been released, and the instant consensus reaction seems to be extremely divided. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise since possibly the most polarizing figure in the music industry, Kanye West, and not the recently re-united and universally beloved Outkast (possibly due to the passing of Andre’s father or to rumored label obligations to perform at the Forecastle Festival) is amongst the group of headliners. Kanye is extremely divisive to an almost ridiculous degree (Yeezus was simultaneously voted by Pitchfork readers as both the most overrated and underrated record of 2013. Apparently, yes that is possible.) however, I think that regardless of how you feel about him that this is a pretty damn solid lineup.

-Besides Kanye, highlights for rap/r&b include:

Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill(?!), Wiz Khalifa, James Blake, Ice Cube, Janelle Monae, Die Antwoord, Chance the Rapper, Danny Brown (CHECK!), A$AP Ferg and Pusha T (YEUGHHHH).

That isn’t an especially deep lineup in my opinion, but the lack of depth is compensated by some very talented performers (Ocean, Monae, Danny Brown and Pusha T especially). I’m also hoping that somehow Die Antwoord and Danny Brown are able to share the stage at some point, as their combined energy could power a modest sized metropolis let alone a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. Seriously people, you have the chance to see Pusha T ON A FRIGGIN FARM and you have the nerve to complain? There’s just no pleasing some people.

-Furthermore, the non hip-hop list of acts from the looks extremely strong, and unlike the rap group extremely deep as well. Notables include: Elton John, Jack White, Lionel Richie, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, The Flaming Lips, Damon Albarn, Neutral Milk Hotel, Disclosure, Phoenix, Chromeo, Broken Bells, Bobby Womack, Fitz & The Tantrums, CHVRCHES, Mastodon (FUCK YES), Jake Bugg, City & Colour, The Glitch Mob, Drive-By Truckers, The Bouncing Souls (?!), Ty Segall and Meshuggah

This lineup seems to have something for everyone. For God’s sake Elton Fucking John is headlining. Put your opinions on Kanye to the side and go and enjoy some kickass music if you have the time/resources. If you love him, great, you’re probably stoked already. If you hate him, find your future soul mate during Bobby Womack’s set, knock yourself out unconscious during Mastodon’s or go get a Zima during his set. Just stop whining! There’s starving children in Africa that don’t have loaded music festivals to complain about, ya selfish bastards.

Anyhoo, you can check out the full lineup here:


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