Nothing says love like dragging your unconcious fiancee from an elevator!


As we’ve all heard by now, Ray Rice and his fiancée had a bit of an altercation at a local casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  Both of them were subsequently charged with domestic violence and then we heard from his lawyers (of course, nothing says innocent like hearing from your legal representatives!)  His lawyers scoffed at the incident calling it a “very minor physical altercation”.  Meanwhile reports started flowing in that Rice had in fact punched his fiancée in the face, after she spit at him during an argument, knocking her out cold (didn’t anyone learn from Chris Brown!?) By golly, this wont be a distraction to the team AT ALL, but a man who has consensual sex with another man will.  ‘MERICA!

Leave it to TMZ to dig out the facts.  They’ve somehow obtained security footage of Ray dragging her out of an elevator.  I’m starting to think that TMZ is somehow affiliated with the NSA.  How else can you explain their ability to obtain naked photos of Emma Stone and videos of this bullshit!? TMZ IS EVERYWHERE PEOPLE! (By the way, I wont post the naked photos of Emma Stone but you can visit TMZ if you’d like to decide if its really her or not, sure as SHIT looks like her).  Also, if you care to view the entire video of him playing Weekend at Bernies with her lifeless body, the footage is available at TMZ Sports (ESPN changed their name).


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