What Snow?

snow on car

If you live in New England, or any other region of this world where it snows and you own a vehicle you know all too well what it means to shovel off that shit after a storm.  Not only do you have to shovel your driveways and walkways, but you also got to brush off your stupid ass car so that you can make it to whatever ungodly job you have.   I’ll admit after shoveling myself out to get TO THE CAR, Im a little tired, fatigued if you will.  SO, I give it a quick brush off and let the rest blow off on the drive.  (Don’t act like you’ve never done that shit). The real bullshit is the assholes who don’t brush off the 18 inches of snow they have on their vehicles WHAT SO EVER.   As if they don’t see the fucking igloo that a tiny eskimo family created on top of their Ford Focus.  They just trot along driving, while massive chunks of snow and ice hit everybody else’s windshields.  Listen, I realize that you’re probably functioning with half a brain but if I end up crashing due to your insolence, I’m going to be pissed.  I say, instead of police handing out tickets, we just have a public trial where we all throw snowballs at your face until you cry.

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