Canadians beat Americans 3-2 in stunning OT


While we are an American website we will show props where props are due.  And today the props lie with the Canadian Womens Hockey team.  We aren’t here to discuss the “bullshit call” or the fact that Hilary Knights skate may have nicked hers  (Canadian forward Hayley Wickenheiser), or both fell independent upon each other. Which subsequently led to Marie-Philip Poulin’s game winning power play goal.  Bottom line is the Canadians were down by a two-goal deficit until, a goal with 3:26 to go,  and then another goal with 54.6 seconds left.  You have no one but yourselves to blame for the fact you thought you had that game in the bag.

Canada played for the entire game, we stopped playing after 56 Minutes.  Canada WON because THEY WANTED IT MORE.  Not the bullshit officiating,  nothing else, CANADA WANTED IT MORE. PERIOD.  Not to mention, the sour ass looks of our girls standing on the podium RECEIVING A SILVER MEDAL NONETHELESS, wiping away the eyeliner as if they’d be drowned in their own pool.  What is this fucking mentality that if you aint first your last? (This aint Talladega Nights ok Ricky Bobby?)  When did it become a bad thing to be second? I understand that youre at the athletic peak of your career and youre in the Olympics.  Which sorry to say LADIEZ is an honor in and of itself but I digress.  I understand it hurts to lose and I understand it hurts to lose to your rivals and blah blah blah. But for the love of everything holy (like sunshine, the NFL, and the invention of golden Oreos), show some dignity. Lose with a little bit of grace.  You achieved what most people can only dream of doing.  Be proud of yourselves….


By the way, Canada, could you please take back Justin Bieber? We will keep Wheelchair Jimmy (aka Drake) if we have too but please just take back the Biebs. 

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