One More Observation From “Haunted Houses” Involving Lawnmowers And Spaghetti Monsters

In case you missed it during the show as I’m sure 99.999% of you did (myself included) a very observant Erik Adams in his AV Club writeup pointed out an interesting logo on the bottom of Reverend Theriot’s booze/failure mug:


Namely a John Deere logo! The same John Deere logo that is a YELLOW STAG. YOU KNOW, STAGS THOSE ANIMALS WITH ANTLERS LIKE THE ONES USED IN THE MURDERS! IT’S IN REVELATIONS PEOPLE! Maybe I was wrong (again) about the innocence of the Pastor, but then again he hands the mug to Cohle, who then hands it back to him.

I’m fully aware that this could just be grasping at straws, but honestly what isn’t at this point in the show? John Deere is most famous for making tractors and lawn mowers. Lawn mowers like the one that shady man was riding outside of the abandoned school that Cohle was beginning to get a read on when Marty pulled him away. The man that the parish had just put on that abandoned school lot “3 months ago” (in 1995…also why the hell would they need to keep up appearances at an ABANDONED SCHOOL). It wouldn’t be the first time the parish had kept something in house rather than go public with it.


As other blogs, (most notably have pointed out, this sketchy guy just so happens to look pretty darn similar to a sketch of a certain green eared spaghetti haired who chased a little girl through the woods and was dismissed as a deranged fairy tale of a young girl by the detective’s superiors. Now his hair does clearly look like spaghetti but the green ears, I just don’t know…


Oh. My. God. We may be through the looking glass here, people. This also ends up being the same school that Cohle started to use as a storage space for evidence during his time off the grid.  If we want to go even one step further into Crazytown, we could also ask the question of when else a lawnmower has been used in this show? Remember when Marty lost his shit over Cohle coming over and doing yardwork at HIS house (again, on a John Deere no less)? Of course all of this could just be wild speculation but I, for one, find wild speculation to be fun. Just something to keep in mind (by the way, Petrillo said weeks ago that the lawnmower man would come back into play and I dismissed her so props to her for that, especially if something materializes out of it).

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