Call me crazy…

Call me crazy,  call us crazy…. but I for one, cannot sleep for days following this absolutely phenomenal show.  After digesting the internet buzzfeed of all the possible plots and the conspiracies, I decided to let my mind settle before coming to my own conclusions. This show is so artfully crafted right down to the friggen food.  WHY IS IT THAT THE HARTS ARE ALWAYS EATING SPAGHETTI HMMMMM?  I decided to do a full rewatch of all the episodes and probably will again before its over because lets be honest, this is the best thing to happen to television since the television was invented.  At any rate these are a few things that have been weighing on my mind:

1.) In the first couple of episodes, you see a very deteriorated Cohle being interrogated by the cops.  Smoking cigarettes and even drinking beers during the entire thing.  Now, what struck me as odd is that Cohle cut out 5 beer can men and placed them in a circle on the table.  Maybe this is a sheer coincidence considering half the time you think this is a man who has completely lost his marbles.  I, however think that these beer can men symbolize the ring of the Yellow King.  Trust me, Nic Pizzolatto doesn’t just craft scenes just for shits and giggles.  Everything is there for a reason.


2.) We already know that “The Spaghetti Monster” aka the man on the lawnmower is going to be making an appearance in the last two episodes thanks to IMDB.  Don’t believe me? Plug in:  Glenn Fleshler.  Scroll right on down to his Filmography.  *Thank you Thank you No Applause*  I also think that there are scars beneath that creepy ass beard he had.



3.) If you think that Cohle is a killer, Id say you are 100% correct.  If you think that Cohle is the one killing the women and children, you are by far sooooo way out in left field you should probably stay there.  I think that Cohle during his “disappearance between 2002 and 2012” has been plucking off these men affiliated with this ring one by one.  Take Billy Lee Tuttle.  Accident? I THINK NOT! Also, lets be honest.  The preview for this upcoming two shows, has Cohle dressed as a friggen Ninja.  Ninjas only do one thing and that good sir, is kill mofos.



Thank god True Detective ends well before Game of Thrones begins, or I might have a massive coronary with all this intense television.  HBO has truly redeemed themselves from ruining True Blood.




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