Maidana Announced as Next Opponent for Mayweather


It has been announced that, fresh off a solid victory over Adrien “Mini-Floyd If He Had a Third of the Talent and None of the Personality” Broner, Argentine boxer Marcos Maidana will be the next to try and oust Money Mayweather from the ranks of the unbeaten in a May 3rd Showtime PPV Event. Maidana is a somewhat controversial decision as an opponent (Controversy in boxing?!) as fan favorite Amir Khan had stated that he had already signed a contract to be next in line to have a crack at Mayweather. Khan also won a poll that Floyd extended to the public with regards to who the fans would like to see him box next, but apparently that actually didn’t matter at all.

Although I’m a big Khan fan, I think this could actually be a blessing in disguise for him. I think at this stage in his career, he would be better suited to fighting someone like Broner (hopefully handing him another L forcing him to fall back to his *ahem* “rap career”). Floyd still has several fights left on his Showtime deal and if Khan plays his cards right and handles business over the next few months he could absolutely still fill one of those slots. Although Khan arguably is one of a very select few who have the quickness to MAYBE keep up with Floyd, the fact is that he’s 2-2 in his last four bouts and overall has had a pretty inconsistent career up to this point. Although Khan has beaten Maidana, I believe that given their respective recent histories that Maidana is the more deserving of the two. I actually don’t think either really has a particularly good shot to beat Mayweather but then again I believe there aren’t any fighters in his weight class that could outbox Floyd, period. Even if their “fight that never was” happened in their primes, Pacquiao would have had to knock Mayweather out for the victory. Just like Maidana will more than likely have to do on May 3rd.

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