To the Surprise Of Nobody, New Pharrell and Daft Punk Song Is Awesome


Langdon Alger here, the Internet’s laziest music nerd, with a quick review of the latest collaboration between Pharrell Williams and “The Robots”.  Following the success of their smash hit “Get Lucky” as well their second single, “Lose Yourself to Dance” from last year’s Random Access Memories comes the third collaboration between the Happy Man in the Funny Hat Who Doesn’t Age and the French DJ’s (Who I like to imagine are Will Ferrell and John C. Reily. Yes I’ve seen pictures of them without their helmets on, I don’t care. EVER HEARD OF PHOTOSHOP?! Hey, who am I talking to?!) on the track “Gust of Wind” from Pharrell’s recently released album “G I R L”.

This track is just as catchy and infectious as their previews two tracks and I, for one, love it. Few people in the in the music industry are on more of a hot streak than Pharrell (The single for “Happy” went platinum. That’s absurd in this day and age when albums struggle to move a million units.) and I love the funky, disco throwback sound that comes from his work with Daft Punk. Unfortunately, not every song can have Nile Rodgers on it but I dig it nonetheless. Actually, I’ve had it on repeat for about 20 minutes now. For all these reasons and more I give it a liiiiiight 5 (just kidding, Needledrop worshipers). Give it a listen over at This Song Is Sick and judge for yourselves.


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