True Detective’s Matthew McConaughey’s eerie Unsolved Mysteries gig

As if shit couldn’t get friggin’ creepier!? Before Rust Cohle became a legend on True Detective, McConaughey got his start on Unsolved Mysteries.  Yeah… THAT Unsolved Mysteries.  McConaughey plays a man named Larry Dickens, who confronts a pedophile and ends up being fatally shot.  Not only is a shirtless McConaughey mowing a lawn in the beginning of the scene, you also have a red truck AND the weirdest part….. the real life characters mothers name is: Dorothy Lang.  (Sounds WAY TOO CLOSE TO DORA LANGE! HMMMM) Besides the horrid acting on McConaughey’s part when hes being fatally shot in the reenactment, he looks as if hes got a hairball stuck in his throat and regurgitating it on the lawn, I’d have to say that this, my friends, is the creepiest thing I’ve seen.  I SWEAR TO GOD NIC PIZZOLATTO IF THIS IS A FORESHADOW TO COHLE DYING, I WILL FIND YOU!


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