Song of the Day 3/2/14

Phonte – The Life of Kings (feat. Evidence & Big K.R.I.T.)

“Take some time to dream, peace of mind’s a delightful thing. This is the life of kings…”

The theme of this fine “True Detective”/Oscar Sunday is that of the “King”. Specifically, wild accusations as to who (or what) exactly the Yellow King is. Watching the internet increasingly divide between those who ascribe to theories on how the show will end, whether those theories are semi-believable and backed by concrete (albeit, often pretty obscure) clues or off-the-wall batshit insane and not based on any sort of reason or logic whatsoever (*AHEM*…not that this site or it’s two writers could ever be accused of such outlandish behavior) and those who tell all of those people to simply shut the hell up and just watch the show has been entertaining in and of itself. Who better, then, to choose for the Song of the Day than a song that features Big K.R.I.T? Speaking of the King Remembered in Time, he posted this on his Facebook page the other day:


Now, I’m not saying the Mississippi rapper/producer who has nothing at all to do with the show, television in general or 1895 collections of metaphysical short stories, is a candidate for the Yellow King. BUT, that IS a yellow crown AND an ominous poetic message. Also, Mississippi is AWFULLY close to Louisiana and isn’t that whole area a little…iffy? CASE CLOSED. And remember, the lesson here (Bey): if you come at the king, you best not miss.

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