Oscars pizza delivery man finally gets his tip from Ellen


Mama’s & Papa’s Pizza delivery man, Edgar who bought his own franchise five years ago had no idea that when the order for pizza was placed to the Dolby Theatre on Sunday night that it was going to be for a bunch of A-list celebrities.  At least from everyone but Leo DiCaprio who politely declined.  I think someone was a little upset, U MAD BRO?   He admitted to Ellen on her show that his first thought was the pizza was in fact for the writers.  As we all knew, the pizza delivery was a prearranged stunt, Edgar was informed Sunday that an order was coming but they didn’t know how many pizzas until that night.

“When I was there, they just told me wait here, and then you came out,” Edgar told Ellen. “And you said, Just follow me. And then I was on stage and I was in shock “

When Ellen asked Edgar about who impressed him most among the attendees, he admitted he was star struck by Julia Roberts. (UHHHH DO YOU NOT SEE JENNIFER LAWRENCE THERE EDGAR!?)  “She was my like woman in dreams,” Edgar told DeGeneres. “I was always watching her movies back in Moscow, you know Pretty Woman, so it was something crazy to me to deliver”

Then Ellen pulled out Pharrells hat, that she passed around for a tip on Sunday night. There was $600 tip in the hat, so Ellen went into her own pocket to round it off to an even $1000, unto which she handed over to a very thankful Edgar. For the record, the order was for 20 pizzas.



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