True Detective Season 1, Episode 8 ‘Form and Void’ Trailer Breakdown

If you are like me and cannot wait for the season finale of True Detective this Sunday March 9th, you have probably watched and re-watched the upcoming trailer.  I am first going to start off and say that I hope this finale is a lot longer than 1 hour, for many reasons other than I don’t want it to end!  I just don’t feel like this can be squished into a solid hour but then again I didn’t even believe this show was going to be any good!  We left off Episode 7 “After You’ve Gone” with many pieces of the puzzle in place.  1.) Sheriff Geraci is involved and knows exactly whats going on in “Carcosa”.  2.) The man with the scars is none other than The Spaghetti Monster aka Errol Childress aka The Lawnmower Man.  3.) Billy Lee Tuttle was in fact involved after all *cue shocking video footage of poor Marie Fontenot* 4.) Neither Rust Cohle or Marty is the murderer in this whatsoever, so all those theories can in fact die off.  Now here’s a break down of the trailer by screen shot:

“Its been weeks since I left my mark, or would that they have eyes to see…”


From what we can tell by the trailer, the voice that is speaking is not one we’ve heard before.  He is clearly ansty to leave his mark again.  Carcosa is in fact a house way out in the middle of no where, like our good friend Charlie Lange told us “He said that there’s this place down south where all these rich men go to, uh, devil-worship. He said that, uh they they sacrifice kids and whatnot.  Women and children all got all got murdered there, and, um, something about someplace called Carcosa and the Yellow King.  He said there’s all these, like, old stones out in the woods, people go to, like, worship. He said, uh He said there’s just so much good killin’ down there.  Reggie got this brand on his back, like in a spiral?  He says that’s their sign.”  As you can see, it really is way out of the way.  Read the sign.   Creole Nature Trail 100 miles.  Aint nothing like being a 100 miles away, out in the woods where you can do whatever you want….


Now that we know Carcosa is an actual physical place you see a very large man standing in front of a person tied to a bed frame, only the person on the bed frame is not a woman or a child.  Its a man, and that man looks like none other than our very own Rust Cohle.  IFTHEYKILLHIMISWEARTOGAWD!


The trailer then takes a quick shift to bring us back to Sheriff Geraci and the man that owns the bar where Cohle works.  As you can also remember from Episode 7, he too lost a child in 1985 and he HATES cops.  Luckily, Cohle and Marty aren’t on the force anymore.  We know that Nic Pizzolatto usually doesn’t just stick anybody in the scene as a background actor.  You learned your lesson with the lawn mower man (god dammit Marty if you woulda quit beeping the friggen horn, Cohle would have caught him back in 1995!)  You see him aim a rifle at Sheriff Geraci through a scope.  This is how I assume, Rust and Marty got their information regarding Carcosa which obviously led them to the location.  Sweet Hawaiian shirt Sheriff!

sheriff childress

This is where I think it breaks away.  Rust goes off on his own to search the location himself, as keeping his silent promise to Maggie who shows up to his bar and says “Rust just tell me that its something that’s not gunna get him hurt” unto which he replies “I can’t tell you that, never sat right with me then, and it doesn’t now. You asking me to lie to you about him.  Get on outta here, your classing the place up”.  It becomes evident that this is a very eerie foreshadowing of the finale.  We see Rust searching the Carcosa alone during the day time, possibly while Marty decides to confide in Papania. This is where I believe Rust is apprehended by the Yellow Kings entourage and strapped to the metal bed.  Marty becomes aware of Rust going alone, and decides to head to the location as well.  As you can see its definitely dark out in the screen shot.


Before Marty reaches Carcosa, he has some sort of encounter with a woman to whom we’ve also not had the pleasure of meeting.  He holds a gun to her head, presumably for some type of information.  Marty has really evolved in Episode 7 into a solid investigator.  Hes doing a lot of the leg work this time around, interviewing the people, getting the files etc.  At any rate! I have an inkling, due to popular trends in television direction, that our little Pizzolatto is going to pull a George R. R. Martin and Neddard Stark us to sheer tears.  I truly believe that Cohle ends up losing his life to save Martys.  How? I don’t know exactly.  There is absolutely no way that these two come out unscathed like the Ledoux brothers incident.  This time, only one of them will be a hero……


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