2Pac (Lookalike) Back in Boston!



Tupac back, Tupac back, there’s all these Green Teamers screamin’ that Tupac back! During yet another long, painful drubbing on Wednesday night, this time at the hands of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, my fellow Celtics fans were given a rare reason to cheer when a Tupac Shakur look-a-like was spotted in the crowd. The fan, complete with Pac’s signature bandana, was shown on the Jumbotron while “California Love” blared over the loudspeakers and the crowd even got a “HERE WE GO 2PAC, HERE WE GO!” chant going.


Following Tupac’s untimely death in 1996 and when I was just a wee rap nerd I spent more time than is probably healthy on wild “2PAC IS ALIVE!” Conspiracy Geocities pages. In the same way that people reacted when an icon like Elvis died, people went to great, sometimes borderline insane lengths to “prove” he was still alive by deciphering lyrics, music videos and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. However, besides learning more than most other ten year old’s about Italian Philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli, nothing substantial ever came from these theories.

But now we know that he wasn’t in Cuba after all! He’s actually been patiently waiting out these past 18 years to resurface (In non-hologram form, even!) on the biggest stage imaginable: to cheer on Kelly Olynyk and the 20-41 Boston Celtics! Please Based Pac God, deliver us Jabari Parker next season.

One thought on “2Pac (Lookalike) Back in Boston!”

  1. When I come back, you won’t spot me like you think you did. When I touch down, I’ll let you know my next move. Until that day, expect me like you would a weather-change… Foreshadowed, but stronger than imagined.


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