Crazy Fan Runs Onto Court During Hawaii – UCSB Game


What is it with college basketball this year? First we had the Marcus Smart incident in which he pushed a Texas Tech fan who allegedly used a racial slur. Then last week we saw a brawl break out between fans and players in the aftermath of a Utah Valley – New Mexico State contest after New Mexico State guard K.C. Ross-Miller opted to chuck the ball into the stands (oddly enough hitting the leg of the Utah Valley Coach’s son):


Now comes the latest incident which occurred last night during a game between Hawaii and UC-Santa Barbara. With 6:02 left in the first half and his team ahead 30-16 a lone UCSB fan rushed onto the court and aggressively got in the face of Hawaii Coach Gib Arnold before eventually getting into shoving matches with Hawaii players, being ejected and finally arrested.

The funny thing about this crazy moron, despite the fact that he’s clearly hopped up on Molly and whatever other types of Goofballs they pre game with at UCSB, but that he also bears a striking resemblance to Pawnee playboy and co-founder of Entertainment 720, Jean-Ralphio:


“What it do, nephew?!”

When asked about the incident following the game, Arnold said, “The guy was wasted and in a different world. It is what it is. You can’t control crazies. That’s why they’re crazy”. While I certainly agree with the coach on all of that, the REAL crazy thing…is the price of education in this country. The liquored up kid who tried to fight a whole bench of Division 1 Athletes and Coaches happened to be wearing a “UCSB Class of 2014” T-Shirt. I think what caused him to snap is that he suddenly realized that STUDENT LOAAAAANS ARE A BIIIIIIIITCH:

Luckily for him, after this little stunt I doubt he’ll be graduating anytime soon!

Here’s a link for a video of the incident:

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