Will ‘True Detective’ snag Matthew McConaughey an Emmy?


Just one week ago, Matthew McConaughey was accepting an Oscar for his performance in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ as Ron Woodruff, funnily enough while True Detective was airing its second to last episode (atleast for us on the East Coast).  Now comes the golden question…. Will his performance in ‘True Detective’ catch him an Emmy as well?

According to multiple sources, it all comes down to how HBO will proceed in its decision on which categories to submit ‘True Detective’ for.  Technically it is not a mini-series, since Nic Pizzolatto has agreed to write a second series without the likes of Woody Harrelson or Matthew McConaughey.  The Academy (*pushes up spectacles*) considers “a miniseries to be a show that has no continuing story elements or narrative elements between one group of episodes and another.”  It more or less falls under the same format as FXs arc de triumphe ‘American Horror Story’. It has the same title, same writers and some of the same actors but the characters and plot lines are completely different.  However, AHS has been able to compete in the ‘miniseries’ category, because lets face it, while it does have the same name none of the story elements or narrative elements between the episodes are the same. 

Some say that even McConaugheys incredible performance is going to be insanely hard to compete with last years contenders:  Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, Damien Lewis of Homeland,  Jon Hamm of Mad Men,  Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey, Kevin Spacey of House of Cards, and Jeff Daniels of The Newsroom. 

In the best supporting actor in a drama category, Harrelson would likely face Emmy winners Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad and Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones.  Lets face it, Tyrion Lannister is THE man, but he didn’t catch ‘The Yellow King’ or find Carcosa.  Plus, Paul and Dinklage have already won.  Dinklage will have another shot at it next year as well.  WONTSOMEBODYPLEASETHINKOFTHECHILDREN!


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