Most Hated Man in Jeopardy! History


“If you`ve been watching Jeopardy lately you`ve seen Arthur Chu tear up the game and stir up chatter. Chu, 30, an insurance compliance analyst and aspiring actor, has won $102,800 in four Jeopardy! appearances.His playing strategy “- jumping around the board instead of running categories straight down, betting odd amounts on Daily Doubles and doing a final wager to tie. He has fans calling him a villain and smug. Other fans are hailing him as a hero and swag lord.”  –USA Today

Most of you Jeopardy! fans have already heard about our little friend Arthur Chu and his inane ability to destroy categories by going in an erratic way (he clears out the bottom two rows) which is NOT very good Jeopardy! etiquette.  (YES THERE IS JEOPARDY ETIQUETTE!)  By clearing out the categories from the bottom two rows across, he acquires the ‘Daily Double’ fairly faster than anyone else.  He uses these to his advantage.  He bets all or nothing. All. The. Time.  Except the one time that he be a mere $5 dollars on a Sports question he knew nothing about.  Lets be honest people, thats annoying in and of itself.  BUT, that doesn’t even take the cake! He cuts off Alex Trebek mid sentence, without letting him finish reading the clue in its entirety!!! *loud gasp*  

His face alone annoys me, but the fact that he doesn’t properly descend down the categories, furiously pushes on his buzzer AND cuts of Alex Trebek mid sentence to get to the next clue puts him in my most hated man in Jeopardy! slot.  Move over Ken Jennings… theres a new man in town.

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