Poor Little Tink Tink….


“Blade Runner” aka “Poor Little Tink Tink” aka Oscar Pistorius completely broke down and vomited on the floor in court Monday as he heard a pathologist testify about his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp’s injuries after he shot her dead on Valentine’s Day last year.He admitted he shot Steenkamp, 29, but said that it was a case of mistaken identity and that he thought she was an intruder who had broken into his home.

Jesus! Clearly hes NOT guilty.  Unless this is an elaborate attempt to make the judge feel sorry for him.  Who the hell can wretch on command? Gross.  If you’re like me, I absolutely fear vomiting.  The thought that someone could possibly do this on cue or just to do it, literally terrifies me.  I know, I have emetophobia real bad! Not to mention, the guy covers his ears, wailing hysterically anytime they mention the details of her death.

Samantha Taylor, who was Pistorius’ girlfriend before Steenkamp, testified that she was often awoken in the middle of the night by a frightened Pistorius.  She also testified that he slept with a pistol next to his beside table or on the floor next to his prosthetic legs.  Another little tidbit of information, if anything this would be a woman scorned.  Taylor said that her relationship with Pistorius ended when he cheated on her with Steenkamp.  If anything she totally could have spilled the beans on him being a woman beater, but nothing of the sort.  She did KINDA mention that he got super pissed after a traffic stop and shot a hole through the roof of the car.  Rage issues much?

The theories about is he lying, is he covering up something, did he shoot her on purpose, did he really think there was an intruder….blah blah blah.  Its hard to get the cold hard facts considering its drowned out by media sensationalism.  Then again, what high profile story isn’t?  Lets all remember the media reporting on Aaron Hernandez (before the arrest) pumping gas via a fucking helicopter.  Who can get the real story.  I just hope for his sake, Steenkamps familys sake, and my emetophobia that he didn’t really mean to kill her.  Breaking up with someone is MUCH easier.  When will people learn?!

Also, for your viewing pleasure after this horribly sad story is Katt Williams on Oscar Pistorius aka “Poor Little Tink Tink”.

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