DeAngelo Hall explains Twitter feud with Richard Sherman



Fresh off his Twitter beef with RB LeGarrette Blount (New England) regarding the best “corner” in the league, CB Richard  Sherman (Seattle) got into yet ANOTHER Twitter feud with CB DeAngelo Hall (Washington).  I don’t know about you, but why hasn’t Jesus descended from the heavens to shut Shermans yap.  Better yet, reduce his capability of tweeting at anybody AT LEAST until football season arrives.

At any rate, Hall called into a local station to clarify what it all meant:

“I think it was just me wanting to voice my opinion and him wanting to voice his,” Hall said. “He later on came back and said well you know I feel the same way [as you do]: if you say something to me I’m gonna say something to you back. It is not anything personal. When I see him it’s not going to be a fight and a brawl. We might talk some more, have a discussion a little more, but there definitely won’t be any fisticuffs.

“You know, I had Larry Fitzgerald call me,” Hall went on. “I’m supposed to be in his softball game this summer. The same softball game that Sherman and Michael Crabtree got into it at. And [Fitzgerald] said hey, you know Crabtree’s gonna be there, Sherman’s gonna be there, you’re gonna be there, I don’t want any trouble. It’s not that kind of party bro. And I just kind of told him how it went down and he understood….

“That’s just how corners are,” Hall said. “Corners seem to think they’re all better than each other. My thing for the young fella, I just want to see him succeed. I want him to have longevity in this league, I want him to keep doing what he’s doing, because like I said, those three years have been impressive. But in order to take that step to the next level, you’ve got to add a little bit more things to your game. And I just feel like following guys around is ultimately what’s going to take him to that next level, and get teams to pay him the kind of money that he thinks he deserves.”

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE SHUT RICHARD SHERMAN THE F&# UP ALREADY!?  Oh, wait I can.  Here is T.Y. Hilton (Indianapolis) blowing past Sherman.T.Y. Hilton, Richard Sherman













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