Raid of Mexican Drug Lord’s Mansion Results in Pile of Money That Puts Walter White to Shame


A raid of the mansion of the man responsible for importing the ephedrine precursor for the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel turned up, amongst other incredible things, this gigantic king-bed sized pile of cash (although it’s hard to tell without Huel and Bill Burr available for scale)


The rest of the items seized at Zhenli Yi Gon’s mansion included: a vast collection of rare and expensive guns, a man-made cave including a hot tub and a group of exotic animals including 8 lions and an extremely rare tiger.


More pics of what was seized at the mansion:

He may have made a fortune off the pain and suffering of others but there’s one thing he couldn’t buy….A DINOSAUR!. Plus I bet being able to own anything your heart desires with your vast amount of ridiculous wealth isn’t nearly as morally rewarding as being an amateur blogger (*silently weeps into cereal*)! I can only hope that the pile of cash (which has hopefully been sprayed for silverfish) is being distributed amongst orphanages, cancer research labs and puppy dog/candy/fireworks stores however something tells me it’s actually more dangerous in the hands of the government. WAR ON DRUGS, FOUR DECADES STRONG WOO!

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