Small Kid Devastated By Steve Smith Release

In what might be the funniest/saddest things I have ever seen grace YouTube since David Goes to the Dentist, shows little Gavin absolutely devastated upon the news that Steve Smith is no longer on the Carolina Panthers.   God, I remember being his age and watching my favorite player get traded to the St. Louis Rams ( Marshall Faulk).  I cried like a baby! OK OK… I wasn’t exactly his age.  I was like 14 but IT STILL HURT nonetheless.  DONTEVENGETMESTARTEDONPEYTONMANNING! SCREW YOU BILL POLIAN WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?

I also adore Gavins little sister, Sophia, who takes the release with a grain of salt and says she’ll just cheer for Cam Newton instead.  Little Gavin however is just finished with the team completely.  *Soul Crushing*.

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