Tyler the Creator Arrested!


Tyler the Creator has been arrested on $3500 bond, on charges of inciting a riot at SXSW.  According to police, the 23-year-old Odd Future rapper incited a large crowd of fans to push their way past venue employees controlling access to an all ready at capacity show more than once during a Thursday performance. Officers at the scene said in a warrant that he yelled for fans to push their way inside twice and that’s when shit hit the fan.

“And just like that, hundreds of people came rushing through the gates. I happened to be directly in their path when they did, and it felt like being hit with a wave: I pinged off this person and that person before stabilizing myself and catching my breath. I noticed the futile attempts of the security guards: a shit-kicker Joe Arpaio-type at the door tackled someone; another, meeker dude tried a clothesline that didn’t work. It was of little use: the handful of guards were pushed aside like twigs in a flood. Someone came rushing to the sound booth where I’d moored myself and yelled at the sound guy to turn the music off. He did. I looked behind me and, to my horror, saw that they were locking the gates.”-UPROXX

Tyler was picked up by police at Austin-Bergstrom Airport earlier today trying to fly back to Los Angeles.   Ohhhhhh Tyler.

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