Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay arrested

irsayjamesIndianapolis Colts owner, and cocaine aficionado, Jim Irsay has been arrested and charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance.  Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Bryant Orem says Irsay was arrested Sunday night in the northern Indianapolis suburb of Carmel.  It is unclear at this point what the “controlled substance” he possessed was *cough cough COCAINE cough cough*, but this obviously is not a very good situation for Irsay.  The NFL will most likely punish him for his actions perhaps a little more so than the players.  Either way, I am surprised it took this long.  If the guys incoherent Twitter ramblings haven’t tipped you off, you aren’t paying close enough attention.  Just look below at this photo of him…. Now theres a face of a great franchise. The blue hair, and the superbowl ring.  STAY CLASSY IRSAY.  Poor Andrew Luck.



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