Brittany Murphy’s Final Film Being Released Four Years After Her Death


Its been more than four  years since Brittany Murphy’s death, and her final film has a release date.  ‘Something Wicked’  will hit theaters April 4th in Eugene, Oregon, at the Regal Valley River Center 15.  That location was specifically chosen to honor where the movie was filmed back in 2009.  The movie will then roll out to other Regal Cinemas in Portland and Seattle in the following weeks, with more theaters to come at a later date.

The indie film synopsis per IMDb: “As a young couple embarks upon their wedding plans, gruesome secrets from their past collide with sinister forces of the present to ensure these newlyweds do not live “happily-ever-after.”  ‘Something Wicked’ also stars ‘One Tree Hill’s’, Shantel VanSanten and ‘Pretty Little Liars’, Julian Morris.  If Murphy was good at anything it was acting in crazy roles.  Hopefully, this movie will gain a lot of attention and be released nationwide.  According to the films Facebook account, “The better we do in theaters, the more cities will be added so we need your help getting the word out. Full press release to be posted shortly. Stay Wicked!”

The actress passed away due to pneumonia, anemia and multiple drug intoxication.  Her husband, Simon Monjack, died 5 months later of pneumonia and anemia as well.  I still maintain that’s some crazy shit they died of the same causes.  Murphy’s father has expressed to media outlets he believed they were poisoned but a coroner ruled that out.  Regardless, she was a phenomenal actress and I cannot wait to see this movie!



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