New Jay Electronica and Jay Z Track, “We Made It”

“Apologies go out to all of my fans cuz they waited so patiently.”

I don’t know what’s gotten into Jay Electronica, but the maybe the years of fans clamoring for new music has finally had an effect on him. After going nearly two years without releasing anything apart from a sparse guest first here and there, we get another new song this time with a rejuvenated Jay Z who sounds like he’s interested in flowing again, possibly in an effort to impress the Rothschilds (I kid, I kid). This one also was apparently recorded recently (hence the 12 Years a Slave reference as well as the potshot at Drake: “Sorry Mr. (or “Ms.” it’s hard to tell) Drizzy for so much art talk Silly me rappin’ ’bout shit that I really bought”). Also, love the “Eastbound and Down” sample at the beginning, Kenny and Stevie forever changed how the word “fixings” will be pronounced. WORLDSTAR, WORLDSTAR! Anyway, all of this is just increasing the hype that Electronica’s long awaited album Act II, might actually see the light of day in 2014. Knock on wood!

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