You Know What This Tournament Needs? More Cowbell!

In an already exciting NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that has featured buzzer beaters, thrilling finishes and shocking upsets, a young member of the Stanford band stepped up today during the Cardinal’s upset over Kansas and provided the one thing that’s been missing from the Madness: MORE COWBELL!


That’s solid hustle young man! I especially appreciate unsettling pause and stare at the camera at the end that makes him look like “The Grudge”:


ZOMG HE IS A DESTROYER OF SOULS AND BRACKETS. LEAVE MY BRACKET ALONE IT’S ALREADY DEAD! Kids and their drugs. Kansas’ band obviously just didn’t bring the intensity today. I also appreciate the kid in the background who has painted his instrument (Tuba? Saxamaphone? Obomabo?) with Calvin & Hobbes. These band kids are KRAZYEEE. Way to fit the stereotype!

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