Mercer Buries Duke, Kevin Canevari does the ‘Nae Nae’


My life is COMPLETE! I could careless that Mercer buried Duke, probably crushing your worthless brackets into a million pieces.  This totally trumps any and every win.  Kevin Canevari brings the “Nae Nae” to life.  To those who live under a rock, “Nae Nae” is a dance from Atlanta where you dance in a way that resembles Sha-Nae-Nae off of Martin. Typically guys do this dance which is why it makes it so hilarious.  What makes this even MORE hilarious, is this kid is whiter than snow but pulls it off better than anybody on YouTube.

Canevari, who played a whopping 13 minutes, scored 0 points, is still by far Mercer’s best player.

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