Danny Brown performs on Arsenio Hall


Dont let me get into ma ZONNNEEEE!!!! Danny Brown performed on Arsenio Hall a couple nights ago.  I KNOW I KNOW we are so late to this news.  As Katt Williams says, “we got bills n shit”.

Brown delivered a crazy performance of Old‘s “Dip.”  Danny was in full hype mode, newly coiffed green tipped hair (he did that for his birthday), singing about his love for dipping MDMA.  He also sat down with Arsenio Hall and talked about his love of his tooth “NAHHH I MEAN THE GIRLS LIKE IT!”, and his love for Kathy Griffin.  “It’s something about a woman with a sense of humor that really turns me on,” he said. “You want to be able to have fun with your girl too instead of being serious all the time. And Kathy Griffin is a lady that I think I could have a lot of fun with.”  He also went on to say he likes them “white women with the junk in the trunk.”  

Danny also talked about his love of rap since Kindergarten.  Instead of having a show and tell assignment he decided since he didn’t have “anything to show OR tell” he just started rapping.  When prompted by Arsenio about what a Kindergartener would even rap about, he said “Oh you know dope, killing people…” I just love Danny….



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