Vince Wilfork Signs Three Year, $22.5 Contract


WilforkFans began panicking when word spread that Vince Wilfork and the Patriots were no longer going to be an item.  Rumors swirled of him trashing his locker, packing up his possessions, and ripping off his name plate as well. But rest easy my little Patriots fans,  Vince Wilfork and the New England Patriots finally found a deal that worked for both sides. (ALL YOU HATERS CAN TAKE BACK YOUR ANTI-WILFORK COMMENTS NOW)

“Wilfork can earn up to $8 million in 2014 as part of the extension, and the Patriots got some cap relief. Wilfork’s new contract is reportedly a one-year deal with $3 million guaranteed and a two-year option. That allows the Patriots to spread out Wilfork’s cap hit over the next three years without the risk of signing him to a longterm deal — the defensive tackle’s contract is not guaranteed after 2014.”

The Patriots get their defensive leader back (ALTHOUGH YOU CLOWNS DON’T DESERVE HIM). Wilfork is still recovering from a torn Achilles that took him out last year, so it’s not guaranteed that he will be back for training camp let alone even the start of the season. It’s likely there are playing-time incentives in Wilfork’s contract that protect the Patriots if he can’t get back on the field, because they are after all the penny pinching Patriots.

Vince…..its time to go clean up your locker, put your name plate back on and go sit in the corner and think about your actions! That was NOT the Patriot way!


Vince Wilfork

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