Kanye West’s Papa Was Paparazzi



In a somewhat surprising statement today Kanye West, pictured above attempting to take the camera of a member of the paparazzi, admitted that his own father used to be a member of the much maligned group of vultures with cameras. “My father was a paparazzo himself,” Kanye, who has a long history of disdain for the paparazzi including a misdemeanor battery charge for the incident that occurred outside of LAX in July of 2013, said before adding that his parents, “be out here wrestling with random paparazzi”. 

It goes without saying that a psychologist could have a field day with this revelation, especially given the fact that Kanye’s wife and the majority of her family are sustained by the incessant FLASHING LIGHTS of the paparazzi. It was the inspiration of my Simpsons Screencap of the Day today in which Marge realizes that her underlying fear of flying stems from a traumatic revelation that her father was a male flight attendant. I can just picture a little Kanye running to tell his dad about his love of Thriller or Bad and how when he grows up he wants to be a musician just like him…only to and witness him kicking over children and small animals just to get a fleeting glimpse of the pop star that he could sell to The National Enquirer for the small fee of his soul. 


Don’t look at me! DON’T LOOOOOK ATTT MEEEEE!

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