Song of the Day 08/28/2014

The Antlers – Epilogue

For those of you who frequent this site, or at least the stragglers that remain after our long hiatus (There are hopefully DOZENS OF YOU. DOZENS!) I’m sure you’re aware that while I listen to many different genres of music, the majority of my listening goes back to my first love: hip-hop. So while I’m pathetically listening and commenting on every Run the Jewels snippet that leaks, it unfortunately means that I’m usually behind the curve as far as getting around to excellent albums in other genres go; sometimes years behind. Hospice, an album released by The Antlers, which I’m sure all of you indieheads are well acquainted with, all the way back in 2009 is one example of this. Since I’ve discovered this album through a posting of 4chan’s /mu/ essentials list on a music subreddit in an embarrassing Inception of internet forums (WOW A SNARKY POST INSIDE OF A SNARKY POST) I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. It’s a beautiful album and I really recommend any Johnny-come-latelies like myself to give it a listen. 

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