Song of the Day 11/17/14

Jay Rock – Pay For It feat Kendrick Lamar and Chantal

Jay Rock and Kendrick performed this song on Saturday Night Live a couple of days ago, however Jay Rock was never mentioned once. Not even by host Woody Harrelson when he introduced the two as “Once again, Kendrick Lamar.” despite the fact that it’s Jay Rock’s song! So I’m posting this in a futile effort to try and get Jay Rock some shine. The dude has paid his dues longer than anybody else and yet always seems to get pushed to the background. Another recent example of this is the new LeBron Beats by Dre ad which also features this song but only Chantal’s chorus and Kendrick’s verse.

I get that Kendrick is the big star and Jay Rock wouldn’t have even been on SNL if Kendrick wasn’t there to perform “i” in the first place but still it’s unfortunate that he never gets the exposure he deserves even when presented with such awesome opportunities as an SNL performance and a Beats ad. My friend even texted me during the performance and said “Who’s that other TDE guy with Kendrick?”. He’s gonna have to start wearing a hat and t-shirt saying “HI, MY NAME IS JAY ROCK” or something pretty soon.

Here’s the SNL performance unfortunately in shitty quality for those interested You’ll notice that once again, Jay Rock’s name is not in the title. Poor Jay Rock.):

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