2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 11/20/14”

  1. Love your recent TBT selection–and any music featuring Cee-Lo! So much fun going through your posts.

    Hope you are still a Celtics fan. We are having an interesting year, wouldn’t you say? Sure hope we keep Jeff Green, always been a favorite of mine. Until this year I think the Cs and fans expected him to be “The Man.” That is just not who he is! Can’t slam a guy for not being what we expected! Love how he is playing now!! Seems healthy, motivated, happy and successful. OK, works for me!

    Rondo is odd but he is our odd 😉 Ainge and Rondo himself say they want him to stay. We’ll see.

    Figure Bass, another favorite, will probably be traded ;( Hope they send him to a contender. He has earned it. Respect for him.

    Sullinger has been great, and tons of potential. AB has improved but needs to…never pass 😉

    As for the “children,” love Marcus Smart–a lot. He seems KGish is his enthusiasm and craziness. Young might be good. KO is OK 😉 Pressey is fun to watch. Thornton has moments of offensive greatness and is showing a little (surprise) D. I am rooting for Turner as I think he is a talented player who just hasn’t found the right team. Maybe we are it. He says what he has done best since he was 6 is handle the ball!! We could use that!

    Biggest treat has been Zeller!! More consistent than most already. Let’s hope he keeps developing and we keep him! Height! Love it, can’t teach it 😉

    I’ll keep following and enjoying your posts!
    GO Cs.


    1. I have been watching every Celtics game and as frustrating as it’s been (that Cavs game took a few days to get over) I do see positive signs like you said. I love Marcus Smart and him and Bradley together are gonna be a nightmare for opposing guards. Dude is a pitbull. Zeller has been a very pleasant surprise and is a more than capable center. Olynyk has shown flashes, but he really needs to get more aggressive on offense. I haven’t always been the biggest Jeff Green supporter but he’s been much more consistent and seems to be growing into his role.

      Thanks for reading and go C’s!


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