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I Probably Shouldn’t Have Tweeted That…Pat Garofalo!


The bonehead tweet of the week goes to Minnesota Representative Pat Garofalo! Not only is this Tweet offensively ignorant with regards to the popularity of the NBA it also manages to be incredibly shortsighted and racist. Also, ironically enough, if his hometown Timberwolves were among the 70% of the teams that folded (which they almost certainly would be) the NBA would be losing a team that’s TWO best players (Love and Rubio) are Caucasian! I’m sure if he didn’t have basketball to fall back on, no-goodnik shooty hoops stars like Love and Rubio would be running WILD in the streets!


The lesson here, politicians, much like athletes, need to think before they hit that “submit” button. Lest they come across as ignorant, racist assholes.

Jimmy Graham Isn’t Happy With Situation He’s Majorly Responsible For


New Orleans Saints All-Pro Tight End Jimmy Graham tweeted this after popular veterans both on the both offense (Darren Sproles, Lance Moore, Pierre Thomas) and defense (Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma, Roman Harper, Jabari Greer) were officially let go by the team. What the recently franchise tagged star tight end seemingly fails to realize is that all of this is being down by Saints management in an effort to clear cap space so that they are able to give Graham a max contract when he becomes a free agent after this season. If he wanted to get paid and stay with all his friends, maybe “The Jimmy” should have stuck with basketball.


“Oh yeah. Jimmy, can jump.”

Otherwise, he should probably keep his opinions on management to himself, especially when he’s a major reason why these cuts had to happen to begin with. “Oh yeah, Jimmy played pretty good” and deserves a max contract, but he has to understand the unfortunate consequences that come with it if he’s unwilling to settle for a smaller deal.

Slopestyle Trio try to land Hollywood Ladies via Twitter


Where do I EVEN begin!? After American slopestyle skiing trio of Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper swept up the medals in this Olympic event (which has only be done 3 other times in American History), they sought out their celebrity crushes with a little help of NBCs twitter account.  Obviously, nothing became of it (that we know of).  Heres why:

1.)  Emma Watson has a boyfriend (ditch the dude bitch! This guy just won a gold medal and wants you to be his valentine!)

2.) Miley Cyrus couldn’t be reached for a comment, she was reportedly hopped up on molly swinging naked from a wrecking ball.

3.) Taylor Swift was too busy reveling in her newly chopped coif.  Truthfully Taylor if you don’t jump on Nick Goeppers shit, I’ll gladly take your place! *WHATTA DREAMBOAT*.  Actually don’t.  We really don’t need you to suck this kids soul out with your vapid listless eyes and record another studio album.

Nice try boys…..