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Update: Sources Confirm Benzino Was Shot by Nephew

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It has been confirmed that Raymond “Benzino” Scott, perhaps most well known as the former owner of The Source magazine and for his highly publicized beef with Eminem, was indeed shot three times by his nephew, 36 year old Gai Scott. As was reported earlier, the shooting took place as the two men were headed to funeral services in Plymouth, Ma for Scott’s deceased mother. The Boston rapper is being treated for non life-threatening injuries at a South Shore hospital while Scott is in police custody awaiting an arraignment on Monday for assault with intent to murder.

Rapper Benzino Allegedly Shot By Nephew At His Mother’s Funeral


Update: Rapper Benzino in Stable Condition After Getting Shot at His Mother’s Funeral

Rapper Raymond “Benzino” Scott was reportedly shot three times during the his mother’s funeral procession, allegedly by his own nephew. The shooting took play on Route 3 South in Duxbury, Massachusetts causing massive traffic backups for several hours. Boston Police are reporting that Benzino was shot while driving his Dodge SUV by an unnamed suspect in a Bentley. The driver of the Bentley, who according to multiple reports is Benzino’s nephew, has been brought into custody and is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on charges of armed assault with intent to murder. Benzino was taken via ambulance to a local hospital where he is being treated for reportedly non life

Outside of the Church where the shooting took place:


The alleged shooter right before he was arrested:

benzino 2

Lego Releases New Set of 16 Simpsons Collectables


I feel like Smithers when a new Malibu Stacy is released right now. I WANT IT I WANT IT GIMME GIMME GIMME! The set includes Itchy, Scratchy, Krusty, Nelson, Milhouse, Lisa, Marge, Homer, Apu, Bart, Chief Wiggum, Mr. Burns, Ralph Wiggum, Maggie, Grandpa and Ned Flanders. While some most of the accessories don’t come as a surprise (i.e. Lisa’s Sax) and I don’t quite know why Nelson would have a baseball bat, some of them are particularly inspired: Ralph’s “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” Valentine, Grandpa’s copy of the “Old Man Yells at Cloud” newspaper, Maggie’s bear Bobo and Milhouse’s issue of “Biclops”. Hopefully this is just the first set, because I would love to have my very own personal Lego Lionel Hutz.

New Track: SZA – Child’s Play feat Chance the Rapper (Produced by XXYYXX)

If TDE keeps dropping new music at this rate I just might believe that all four members of Black Hippy, SZA and Isaiah Rashad could all actually drop projects this year. SZA brings some blunted vocals with a dope Chance spot (including a reference to Dave Chappelle’s “1950s Bad Guy THIS IS HOW I TALK SEE Voice”) and cloudy production from electronic artist XXYYXX.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I can never pass up an opportunity to post my favorite Youtube video of all time:

And what better occassion than on this day when everyone is a little bit Irish (except, of course, for the gays and the Italians)? While you’re out there getting nice and lubed up on a Monday just remember to be on the lookout for this elusive dastard:


If you happen to catch him and it turns out he isn’t a crackhead what got hold of the wrong stuff, follow him to his WHERE THE GOLDDDD ATTT by using your patented Leprechaun Flute.


What ‘The Simpsons’ Have Taught Us About Life, Part 2


Part 2 of our “What the Simpsons Has Taught Us” List. No, it’s completely different from Buzzfeed. So I’m a thief am I?! WELL EXCUUUUSE MEEEE! Give ‘em ten grand.

1.) When the sign says don’t feed the bears, you better not feed the bears!


2.) Sometimes there IS harm in laying in the middle of a public street…




3.) Never bet against the Harlem Globetrotters, even if you think the Generals are due.


4.) You shouldn’t be scared of Monster Island, it’s just a name…

monster island

It’s actually more of a peninsula.

5.) If you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, remember to make use of your main finger and to spin the middle side topwise.




6.) Highways are full of ghost cars.


7.) Sometimes, a sandwich can take a bite out of you!


8.) There’s just something about flying a kite at night that’s so unwholesome…



9.) The NSA has been spying us for longer than we realize…


10.) All of the chimps that NASA sent into space came back super intelligent.


11.) If you’re dumb as a mule and twice as ugly and a strange man offers you a ride, I say take it!


Lousy traumatic childhood…

12.) If you believe in reincarnation, you should hope to be reborn as a butterfly. Because nobody ever suspects the butterfly.


13,) Always keep the egg heads. They just might come in handy…


14.) If you purchase a robot car, make sure you don’t buy American…


15.) If you’re feeling down, try watching some TV. It laughs with you, not at you!


16.) Never, EVER stop in the middle of a hoe down.


17.) Sometimes, just entering your name can be the most exhilarating part of a game!



18.) Good things don’t end in -eum. They end in -teria and -mania!


19.) Be wary of snowmen. They have peepers. Peepers to watch…


20.) Heed the advice that your father gives to you on your wedding day


If you ever travel back in time don’t step on anything! The tiniest change can alter the future in ways we couldn’t imagine!


21.) Never assume just because somebody happens to be African American that they’re automatically good at basketball.


Raid of Mexican Drug Lord’s Mansion Results in Pile of Money That Puts Walter White to Shame


A raid of the mansion of the man responsible for importing the ephedrine precursor for the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel turned up, amongst other incredible things, this gigantic king-bed sized pile of cash (although it’s hard to tell without Huel and Bill Burr available for scale)


The rest of the items seized at Zhenli Yi Gon’s mansion included: a vast collection of rare and expensive guns, a man-made cave including a hot tub and a group of exotic animals including 8 lions and an extremely rare tiger.


More pics of what was seized at the mansion:

He may have made a fortune off the pain and suffering of others but there’s one thing he couldn’t buy….A DINOSAUR!. Plus I bet being able to own anything your heart desires with your vast amount of ridiculous wealth isn’t nearly as morally rewarding as being an amateur blogger (*silently weeps into cereal*)! I can only hope that the pile of cash (which has hopefully been sprayed for silverfish) is being distributed amongst orphanages, cancer research labs and puppy dog/candy/fireworks stores however something tells me it’s actually more dangerous in the hands of the government. WAR ON DRUGS, FOUR DECADES STRONG WOO!

What ‘The Simpsons’ Have Taught Us About Life


The Simpsons have taught us many, many things but these are the top things that I’ve learned…

1.) Old people ARE the grim specter of death


2.) Always, always drink plenty of MALK


 3.) Never disband the PTA (too dangerous)


4.)    Bread does in fact contain gym mats




6.)    A dental plan is an absolute must…


7.)    Smoking cigarettes is incredibly sexy.


8.)    If you’re from upstate New York you refer to hamburgers as “STEAMED HAMS” (unless you’re from Utica)


9.)    Colored chalk will lead to independent thought alarms AND WAS FORGED BY LUCIFER HIMSELF!

colored chalk

10.) There’s no such thing as drinking alone, as long as the lord is present!


11.)  You always send flowers to someones grave even if they are still alive

sending flowers to grave

12.) Coming down, does in fact render someone speechless


13.) NOTHING gets chocolate out!


14.) People who stay stupid shit should be handed a red ball to bounce immediately


15.) Always vet your valentines, you could inadvertently send the wrong message!


16.)  Computers do have the internet now


17.) Operators know the number for 911


18.) if you don’t like your job you don’t strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way.


19.) Failing English is Unpossible!


20.) Always speak up on the telephone when someones wearing a towel

speak up!

21.) The doctor was right, picking your nose will lead to nosebleeds.


22.) Smarch has lousy weather



23.) Never ever turn your back on your sugar pile! Not even for a second!


Viking Apocalypse


Well well well….. we’re upon yet ANOTHER apocalypse.  I’ve already survived Y2K and the Mayan one, so I know what I’m talking about here.  According to the Vikings (aren’t these men who raped and pillaged multiple civilizations?), “Ragnarok is a series of events that include the final battle that will result in the death of many major gods, various natural disasters and the submersion of the world into water. Afterward, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors” (PLEASE CHOOSE ME AND ROBERT PATTINSON!?)

At any rate, this Norse mythology is set to happen February 22nd, which happens to be this Saturday.  OF COURSE THESE PRICKS WOULD PICK THE WORLD TO END ON A NON FUCKING WORK DAY.  The Vikings believe the Ragnarok is preceded by the ‘winter of winters’, where three freezing winters would follow each other with no summers in between. Which sorry to say, does sound an awful lot like New England.  Well folks, brace yo-selves coz the world is going to split apart and all the inhabitants of Hell will be unleashed.  As if living in in a world where Skip Bayless has a televised show isn’t hell enough….

I guess I have nothing left to do but get the bread and milk.  WINTER IS COMING!

What Snow?

snow on car

If you live in New England, or any other region of this world where it snows and you own a vehicle you know all too well what it means to shovel off that shit after a storm.  Not only do you have to shovel your driveways and walkways, but you also got to brush off your stupid ass car so that you can make it to whatever ungodly job you have.   I’ll admit after shoveling myself out to get TO THE CAR, Im a little tired, fatigued if you will.  SO, I give it a quick brush off and let the rest blow off on the drive.  (Don’t act like you’ve never done that shit). The real bullshit is the assholes who don’t brush off the 18 inches of snow they have on their vehicles WHAT SO EVER.   As if they don’t see the fucking igloo that a tiny eskimo family created on top of their Ford Focus.  They just trot along driving, while massive chunks of snow and ice hit everybody else’s windshields.  Listen, I realize that you’re probably functioning with half a brain but if I end up crashing due to your insolence, I’m going to be pissed.  I say, instead of police handing out tickets, we just have a public trial where we all throw snowballs at your face until you cry.