Song of the Day 11/17/14

Jay Rock – Pay For It feat Kendrick Lamar and Chantal

Jay Rock and Kendrick performed this song on Saturday Night Live a couple of days ago, however Jay Rock was never mentioned once. Not even by host Woody Harrelson when he introduced the two as “Once again, Kendrick Lamar.” despite the fact that it’s Jay Rock’s song! So I’m posting this in a futile effort to try and get Jay Rock some shine. The dude has paid his dues longer than anybody else and yet always seems to get pushed to the background. Another recent example of this is the new LeBron Beats by Dre ad which also features this song but only Chantal’s chorus and Kendrick’s verse.

I get that Kendrick is the big star and Jay Rock wouldn’t have even been on SNL if Kendrick wasn’t there to perform “i” in the first place but still it’s unfortunate that he never gets the exposure he deserves even when presented with such awesome opportunities as an SNL performance and a Beats ad. My friend even texted me during the performance and said “Who’s that other TDE guy with Kendrick?”. He’s gonna have to start wearing a hat and t-shirt saying “HI, MY NAME IS JAY ROCK” or something pretty soon.

Here’s the SNL performance unfortunately in shitty quality for those interested You’ll notice that once again, Jay Rock’s name is not in the title. Poor Jay Rock.):

Song of the Day 11/14/14

Black Milk – Black and Brown feat Danny Brown

Before the Detroit duo of Danny Brown and Black Milk hooked up for 2011’s severely underrated EP Black & Brown!, they linked up for this track from Black Milk’s 2010 solo album Album of the Year. On the EP, Black Milk handled the production and Danny rhymed over the tracks. However, Black Milk is clearly no slouch on the mic and this track makes me wish that he got in front of the mic a bit on Black and Brown!

Also, although I shouldn’t complain because I’ve been waiting years for Danny, Eminem and Royce to get on a track together and the finished product is still outstanding, I still wish Black Milk and eLZhi got their chance to shine on “Detroit vs. Everybody”.

Today Marks the Anniversary of One of the Most Important Events in Human History

Once in a great while, we are privileged to experience a television event so extraordinary, it becomes part of our shared heritage. 1969: Man walks on the moon. 1971: Man walks on the moon… again. Then, for a long time, nothing happened. Until November 12, 2003 when Cam’Ron changed everything by asking Bill “We’ll Do it Live, Fuck it!” O’Reilly if he was “mad’.


More than From that day forward, most minor squabbles with friends and co-workers could easily be settled by using those two simple words. Most reasonable people would take the suggestion as a chance to colllect themselves and think “Is this really worth being so mad about?” and cooler heads would prevail. Bill O’Reilly, being smarter by spending a lifetime in the No Spin Zone, has never had to have one of these moments. He remains perpetually angry because that’s the only way that he can convey to his angry viewers that it’s the hip-hop and the jazz cigarettes that are robbing this once great nation of it’s morality. During a recent interview, when asked if O’Reilly was still mad, Cam replied, “I don’t think he’s really mad at me, I think he’s mad in general. He’s like a Donald Sterling type… just mad at anything that’s not what he sees as fit.”. He still mad.

Song of the Day 11/12/14

Camp Lo – Luchini AKA This is It

Lately, I’ve been trying to listen to an older classic album that I either haven’t listened to in a long time or I just missed entirely. For the most part, this has been rewarding as I’ve discovered some of absolutely fantastic albums. I can’t believe I had never listened to Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves before. I like Kendrick Lamar as much as anybody, but anyone who says that Good Kid m.A.A.d City is the best concept album of all time has never heard A Prince Among Thieves. That’s the first album that ever had me on the edge of my seat before. Listen to it if you haven’t.

Anyway, the album I chose for today is Uptown Saturday Night by Camp Lo. Camp Lo is one of those 90’s groups who had a critically successful debut that even spawned a hit single (“Luchini”) and then were never able to recapture that magic and sort of just faded away. For lack of a better term, they’re a One Album Wonder, but that album is definitely worth a listen for any hip-hop fan.

Random Simpsons Screencap of the Day 11/12/14

With today’s historic news that the European Space Agency robot probe Philae successfully landed on a comet after a 6.4 billion kilometre journey that lasted nearly a decade it got me thinking what shocking news NASA could possibly release to top the news of this monumental achievement.

Maybe they should finally tell us the big secret, that all the chimps we sent into space came back super intelligent.


“No, I don’t think we’ll be telling them that!”

Edit: According to the most recent reports, Philae has not in fact successfully landed on the comet as the probe has not been secured and all contaommunication with the device has been lost. As usual, I’ve been had.

Song of the Day 11/11/14

Royce da 5’9″ – Boom (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Nickle Season is approaching, people. With yesterday’s release of the Shady XV Cypher as well as the much anticipated “Detroit vs. Everybody” track and with the release of the aforementioned Shady XV compilation (including Bad Meets Evil and Slaughterhouse tracks), Prhyme and a new Slaughterhouse album it looks like one of the most consistent and underrated MC’s alive is about to get some much deserved shine. Personally I’m the most excited for the release of Prhyme, Royce’s collaborative effort with arguably the best producer of all time, DJ Premier and boasting some big name features including Mac Miller, Jay Electronica, Killer Mike, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q. “Boom” marks the first meeting between the two rap vets and hopefully offers at least a taste of what’s they have in store.

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